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One of the PTC/PTR/PTS combination programs. It provides 7 or more paid emails daily and 3 to 4 paid-to-click banners. Paid email worth $100 each while banners are $50 each. Referrals Contest offers cash prize (4th to 50th place) and Nokia Cellphone (1st place) and digital camera (2nd and 3rd place). Minimum payout for free members: $25,000.    

New PTC/PTR/PTS program. Sign-up bonus is $3,500. Maximum 3 banners to click daily ($100 each banner). Rarely gives paid-to-read emails but offers $250 per referral sign-up bonus. Minimum $50,000 payout for free members. 

A PTR and PTC programs. You receive $100 after sign up. $6 for reading email ads. $5 for clicking banner ads. Referral contest have a huge bonus for winners from as low as $100 cash prize (21st - 30th place) to $2,500 for the winner (The contest ended when PocketFavorites reached 4,500 affiliates). Active Affiliates can click more ads. Hence, earn more cash. Minimum payout of $1,500 (free members).